What Our Employees Say About Us…

  • “CorTechs group has a friendly and caring management team. I can do my work without worrying about any administrative issues.” – Sastry, 12 years with CorTechs
  • “I really like the sense of family and friendship that is within this company.  You don’t get that feeling at most work places and I feel very lucky to experience it here.” – Laura, 7 months with CorTechs
  • “CorTechs really does treat it’s employees like family, and has always been there to make sure I had what I needed to be successful no matter how challenging the engagement. I can even say that at times, CorTechs has anticipated the needs of my family before I have, making it very easy to balance work and family life.”  –Manjit, 1 year with CorTechs
  • “From the very beginning CorTechs has impressed me. My transition into the company was flawless and has continued throughout my employment. CorTechs is a very professional and people-oriented company. From HR to management to the people working beside me I have experienced professionalism and kindness like no other company I have worked for before.” – Scott W., 9 months with CorTechs
  • “The interactions I have had with employees from CorTech and CorTech HQ’s has always been friendly and professional.” -Aimee, 1 year with CorTechs
  • “…Everyone is so accessible as well as eager to help out if you have a problem or a question. My past experiences working with other companies, you were often viewed as just a number or as someone who could be kept on the back-burner and forgotten about until you yelled loud enough to be a problem.” -Bob, 3 Years with CorTechs
  • “Working with CorTechs allows me the opportunity to work with different clients’ to find solutions that are technically possible and meet the clients’ needs and expectations.”  –Jason, 4 ½ years with CorTechs
  • “CorTechs offers its employees something unique from most other companies; it offers you a sense of belonging.” –Scott S., 7 years with CorTechs