Enterprise Application Development

Are your Enterprise efforts stuck?

Are your SOA efforts launched but failing to deliver the promised ROI?

Are you in debt to proprietary technology and unable to break out of the cycle?

Has your Middleware become a bottleneck?

Are your application development efforts delivering value timely?

Value-Specific Capabilities – People, Processes, Technology, and Methodologies

Effective IT decision makers like you face compelling circumstances when selecting technology partners. To succeed under these circumstances partners must provide value-specific capabilities – people, processes, technology, and methodologies that effectively address your specific issues. Large, or small, consulting firms that take an “everything-for-everybody” approach often yield results based on the lowest common denominator at the highest cost. We are a small business that competes solely on value in the both the commercial and federal space. With twenty years to our credit, we are large enough to be technically and financially responsible and small enough to be responsive to your needs. Our commercial engagements number over two hundred and include numerous Fortune 500 companies. Our federal experience spans civilian and defense engagements that include multi-year Transformation programs.

Service Oriented Architecture, Middleware, and Agile Application Development

We offer three overarching capability sets: Service Oriented Architecture, Middleware, and Agile Application Development to address the prevailing challenges of enterprise scale IT. Our unique delivery model combines experience from a rich history of transformative enterprise scale successes in federal and commercial sectors with the knowledge of effective tools, techniques, and methods to provide you with the desired results within your cost constraints. Our practitioners have reach-back into industry at a level of technical detail which enables them to be prescriptive, specific, and fast.

Agility Through Training, Reinvestment, And Mutually Enhancing Service Offerings

We embrace agility through training, reinvestment, and mutually enhancing service offerings to reduce your risk and cost. Our consultants communicate with you in plain language and on a frequent basis. They are results oriented, and are ready and able to tap into a collective body of knowledge on demand. We encourage our consultants to avoid dogma and to continually develop both individual and collective proficiencies that deliver solutions tailored for today’s challenging fiscal environment. We encourage our federal customers to seek us directly through our GSA schedule to achieve maximum value. We encourage our partners to allow us to do the heavy lifting without incurring unnecessary risk. We encourage staff augmentation seekers to look elsewhere.

Delivering Value

If your enterprise efforts are stuck and analysis paralysis has set in, you need to break the cycle of poor quality. If you are confounded by your amassing debt to proprietary technology; we can help. If your SOA efforts are off the ground but struggling to achieve payback, we can revive them. If your middleware has become a bottleneck, we can optimize it. If your application development efforts are failing to achieve value, we employ methods that deliver value. If we do not fit your problem space, we will tell you up front.

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