Achieve Economies Of Scale Using Middleware Centric Applications

The motivation for centralized enterprise applications is clear in large scale enterprises. Our experience from over 400 customer engagements confirms that no two organizations are alike in their technology requirements, yet most seem to migrate to a general set of unwritten laws of enterprise computing. If your organization struggles to achieve the economies of scale of centralized functions due to lack of proficiency with middleware centric applications, we can help. Likewise, many middleware vendors offer little support in achieving vendor-neutral portfolios.

Prescriptive Approach for Middleware Centric Organizations

Our unique company history has enabled us to craft a highly prescriptive approach for middleware centric organizations that can help you achieve improved productivity and reduced cost. Our vertical ALM practice is entering the 12th year of success in the specialized market of Software Quality Engineering essential to middleware. We have deep, tool specific experience in load testing, performance testing, business availability, and quality of service. We are also deeply experienced in centralized middleware administration including application server, portal, ESB, content and workflow products. Lastly, we are deeply experience in the development of middleware specific applications. Our administration and development experience comes from long term service engagements for large scale federal clients.

Middleware – Enabler of Centralized Application Solutions

We pride ourselves on being able to service breadth and depth in middleware technologies. Unlike traditional middleware services companies, we see middleware not as a solution but as an enabler of centralized application solutions. Our domain expertise often crosses the chasms of legacy and COTS domains to provide you with cost effective solutions with improved delivery schedules. We speak middleware in your language even when your middleware is years behind the current versions. If we cannot fulfill your need, we will tell you up front.