IT Management

IT Management focuses on aligning an enterprise’s capabilities and activities with the strategic, corporate, and business vision. By understanding and reacting to business needs appropriately, the IT organization can continue to mature and evolve into a proactive services provider with its own initiatives mirroring or complimenting larger corporate objectives.

Since the inception of our IT practice,  B12 Government Solutions mission has been to solve client IT management challenges using advanced tools, techniques, and methods.  B12 Government Solutions personnel are experts in their individual areas of focus, a fact which has been officially recognized by both Micro Focus and CA.

Our company has been built on the premise of finding, nurturing, and retaining talented IT professionals.  It is our belief that people, not technology, make the difference between success and failure in IT projects.  Our credentials, certifications, awards, and extremely high rate of retention speaks to our success in doing so.  We are not a “body-shop”.  B12 Government Solutions personnel speak at software quality and user group conferences around the world, develop and teach advanced classes in software quality engineering and a variety of technologies, and are given regular training and support in achieving ever higher levels of knowledge and certification in their chosen fields. Our IT Management Practice consultants are certified in ITIL® , in addition to the specific toolsets we support from Micro Focus, CA, and numerous other vendors.

B12 Government Solutions deep experience with full life cycle IT development and implementation in federal, state and local government is applied to implementing real-world processes in our IT practice.  This helps our clients translate business objectives into IT capabilities by thoroughly understanding how complex processes are executed throughout large enterprises.  B12 Government Solutions can assist with strategically evaluating tools and processes, then tactically assisting our clients to make the changes that are necessary to accommodate updated processes  such as compliance, security or green IT initiatives. Our IT Management Practice also integrates support services with tools and technologies that focus on better customer interaction and, therefore, enhances business and end user service. These technologies include the service desk, service portals, business intelligence solutions, dashboards, scorecards and more.

B12 Government Solutions IT Management Practice provides a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the challenges of IT service and support groups:

  • IT Service Strategy. Enables our clients to translate business goals and objectives into IT initiatives, manage a wide-ranging service portfolio, set service objectives with end users, and execute a long-term strategy for continual service improvement;
  • IT Process Alignment. Works with our clients to develop streamlined processes, align processes with business objectives, build organization ‘buy-in’ for consistent patterns of doing business, and identify areas for automation;

Based on our expertise in blending strategic and tactical, process-focused efforts with client-facing functions, B12 Government Solutions offers real, implementable solutions  for translating government policy and objectives into enterprise-class IT services. We apply the right resources to the right efforts and educate our clients to manage and maintain their own processes and IT functions properly.