CorTechs Training FAQ

1) Question: Does CorTechs publish a schedule for public class offerings?

Answer: CorTechs does not offer public classroom training. See Virtual training below for small quantity needs.


2) Question: Is CorTechs training priced per student or per class?

Answer: CorTechs offers two types of class pricing, individual or per class.


3) Question: What is the cost for individual training?

Answer: The price for individual training is based on one student / per one class day.
Call 877-TRAIN-CT (877-872-4628) or send an email to for pricing.
(see the appropriate class outline to determine the number of days for any specific class).


4) Question: How is virtual training delivered?

Answer: Virtual training is delivered via WebEx.


5) Question: What is the cost for group training

Answer: Group training (either at your site, or virtual is available.
Call 877-TRAIN-CT (877-872-4628) or send an email to for current pricing.

On-Site Training (Up to 12 students) – Client provides training room and machines.

Virtual Training (Up to 12 students) – CorTechs hosts a WebEx or we can use a client specific virtual training environment.


6) Question: Do your instructors have practical “real world” experience in ALM and QTP?

Answer: Yes, all of our instructors have practical real world experience, and are very skilled in providing sound ALM and QTP implementation advice.


7) Question: How can I get additional information?
Answer: Call 877-TRAIN-CT (877-872-4628) or send an email to