Contract Vehicles

Whether you’re a federal, state or local government organization, or a large or small commercial or private entity, doing business with CorTechs is easy. Our contract vehicles,   partnerships, and the agility and ability to turn around POs and customer contracts quickly, allows you to get the help you need from CorTechs when you need it.


Federal Government
GSA Schedule 70 – GS-35F-0277K
GSA STARS – Approved Subcontractor
VA GITSS – Approved Subcontractor
COMMITS – Approved Subcontractor
DHS EAGLE – Approved Subcontractor
GSA Alliant – Approved Subcontractor

Contact for more information.


State & Local Government
CorTechs has statewide contracts with many of the United States, many of which carry piggy-back provisions for use by local municipalities and educational organizations. To find out how your State or Local entity can do business with CorTechs, please contact

Direct Via Purchase Order or Company Contract
Relationships With Several Preferred Vendor Agencies

System Integrators
CorTechs has established preferred subcontractor relationships with several large systems integrators including CSC, BAE, CGI, GD, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Pragmatics, SAIC, & Unisys

Vendor Partners
CorTechs has active solutions partner relationships in place with leading vendors of IT Technology products including CA Technologies, Hewlett Packard, SOASTA, and Xtraction Solutions.