Micro Focus (MF)

Former software division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise is now part of Micro Focus Solutions

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Loadrunner: MF LoadRunner software is the industry standard for performance validation. It helps prevent performance problems by detecting bottlenecks before a system deployment or upgrade. MF LoadRunner performance testing software helps you test a broad range of applications, including Web 2.0, ERP/CRM, and legacy applications.

Performance Center:  MF Performance Center software is the de-facto standard for enterprise-level performance testing. Built on MF LoadRunner software, the industry-leading solution, it includes a management framework that helps:

Support collaboration across distributed teams and projects

Standardize processes, centralize resources, and build a performance testing CoE

Reduce cost and optimize resource utilization with resource pooling, scheduling, and 24×7 usage

Provide traceability from performance requirements (SLAs) to defects

Connect across the entire application lifecycle

QuickTest Professional:  Solution for enterprise wide functional test and regression test automation

Quality Center:  Single, web-based application for all essential aspects of test management

MF Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 12:  MF Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 12 enables IT staff in multiple roles to manage activities associated with the core application lifecycle, from requirements through development, testing, defect management, and readiness for delivery. Application Lifecycle Management software enables you to manage across functionality, performance, and security—from a single software platform with a unified repository, consistent user experience, and customizable dashboard. ALM 12 also offers traceability of requirements and real-time status through testing, development, and change management.

Business Availability Center:  Measuring and managing critical business processes, ensuring intended business outcomes are delivered

Project & Portfolio Management Center:  Enables the governance of the portfolio of IT projects, applications, and opportunities in real- time with effective collaborative processes