Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Implementation Focused Services

The consulting space of Service Oriented Architecture is very broad making it hard to choose a partner amongst generalized marketing campaigns, consultant speak, and hype. Here is what you need to know about our SOA offering. While SOA is first about business, there are specific technical approaches that work better than others when it comes to delivery. Our consulting services are most valuable in the implementation. Whether your organization approaches SOA from the top down, bottom up or middle out; there comes a time in the genesis of a solution where you lay hands on the technology and make it work. To accomplish this we employ specific development-centric approaches that enable agile techniques such as test driven design for “headless” applications.

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

Because our vertical experience in the SOA space is an extension of our Application Lifecycle Management experience, our consulting services tackle fundamental challenges that come with the implementation. These challenges include the ability to develop, test, and isolate services independently of the downstream silos. We extend our development experience into the runtime management, operation, and sustainment of SOA based solutions with specific Middleware and COTS domain knowledge.

Enabling Rapid Reliable Delivery

If your SOA is still in the planning and roadmap phase, we can help you reap the advantages of being a conscientious adopter. If you have adopted SOA but are challenged by quality of service, security, scalability, and cost; we can help. If your organization is considering adopting Agile development practices on top of your SOA efforts, we have highly specific approaches to these mutually rewarding techniques. Our service offerings are not tightly coupled with any particular SOA platform; rather we embrace the idea that SOA should free you from the platform. We instead focus on the essential challenges of enabling rapid and reliable delivery. We speak SOA in plain language and if we do not fit your problem space, we will tell you up front